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Walk in nature

When we walk we bring into harmony our right and left brain hemispheres…..this means in simple terms, we get our logical thoughts and our creative thoughts to a level of optimisation. Access the feel good factor by walking in nature regularly! If you want to feel good, learn that the intake of oxygen, the tranquil scenes of a peaceful place such as a woodland or a beach, or a local park or lake, all contribute towards feeling beeter both in mind and soul.

The next time you are feeling down, or do not quite feel good here’s a simple guide as to what you can do:

  1. Identify a peaceful place you can walk to
  2. Plan a route
  3. Be sure it is a safe place
  4. Go there and begin to breathe deeply
  5. Notice the relationship between deep breathing, being outdoors, and feeling better – they are all linked!!!
  6. Create a ritual where you allow optimum feelings of good health everytime you visit this place


Tap In To The Universal Love Within You!

You are a wonderful source of positive energy, if only you would come to understand this more and more. Love is the driving force of good thoughts and feelings as they emerge in you.
Do you ever get that wonderful feeling of shivers down the spine when you hear a piece of music that touches your heart? Do you have a favourite film that makes you feel good every time you see it? these are simple examples of positive emotion being created through the force of love within your heart. . . .

Love is so powerful it overcomes all kinds of fear and unwanted negativity. God formed the universe with the law of Love in his very own heart. Love is the energy you can tap into today to become harmonised with The Law Of Attraction.

When you are acting from the great source of love stored up in your heart, your thoughts and emotions will be resonating at an incredibly high frequency. You will get a good feeling as a result. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What are my tallents?
  2. What do I love doing?
  3. What is it I am truely passionate about?
  4. What Do I want?

To become aware of the powerful force of love in your heart, take time out each day to think about good things you can do for others. These need not be great things, small things display love powerfully. Simply paying another person a kind complement can be a great works.

Look at your talents, your skills, your passions and act on them, knowing that the p
ower of Love will guide you toward becoming happier.

Here is an exercise you can do to become more aware of the power of love in your heart, and how it influences the law of attraction:
* Sit in a comfortable position and take some nice deep breaths
*Focus on the beat of your own heart

*Feel the weight of your body on the surface you sit on

*Think about the things you really want in your life

*Visualise yourself living the life you want

*Allow positive feelings to resonate, feel the joy circle around your heart.

The Key, Is to stop thinking about what you do not want, and start thinking about what you do want. Its all about your will, and your will is
measured by what you think about most of the time.
Learn to relax for ten minutes each day, and comfortably think about the things you want. If you want to become happier, start thinking about those things which you will feel happier about.

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